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Video - How to add your Rosehip Oil to you make-up routine

sital gill

Posted on October 21 2016

Video - How to add your Rosehip Oil to you make-up routine

We have all seen those amazing contouring tutorials where a lovely make-up artist ends up looking like one of the Kardashians after using 600 different products, 40 minutes later.

Now what if, you wanted to use 8 products and look amazing in less than 10 minutes? A perfect routine just before work so you make it on time to catch that bus? That is exactly what I have been looking for but unfortunately is not one I have found so I decided to make my own.

I am not endorsing any make up products. The aim of the video is to show you how to create a simple everyday look with what you already have :) Take a look at the video below and its explanation.

So that is how I do my makeup everyday and its pretty simple. This is how it goes in words and just so you know it took 8 minutes:

  1. I wash my face with Olive's Clarifying Face Wash and then apply 3 drops Olive's Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil on my damp face (acts as a primer)
  2. I then apply a small amount of Olive's SPF Moisturiser
  3. This is when the makeup starts. The Rosehip Oil and the moisturiser keep my face fairly hydrated and oily which acts as a perfect base and primer to my makeup. I apply a powdered mineral foundation all over my face including my eye lids ( this is not featured fully in the video for reasons unknown to me)
  4. I apply brown winged eye liner on my upper eyelid
  5. A bit of blusher on my cheeks (yes i know it looks pretty heavy handed in the video and you can thank the bad lighting for that)
  6. Highlighter on the balls of my cheek, temples, nose, chin and forehead. I also apply a little highlighter under my eyebrows.
  7. Mascara on both my upper and lower lashes
  8. Lipstick and i am done :) I am wearing Medusa by Huda Cosmetics by the ways.

Pretty cool huh? Try it and let me know how it goes.



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