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Posted on May 28 2018


Acne is definitely a nuisance to deal with, but with the right products and dedication to a strict skincare routine your skin will heal and become better than ever! 

To start treating your acne, identify what is causing it. Here is a checklist for you to go through: 

  • Are you sleeping on dirty bedsheets/pillowcases? Make sure to change them every 3-4 days! The bacteria build up could cause pesky little pimples to pop up overnight
  • Are you drinking enough fluids? Dehydrated skin is more likely to break out. Make sure you are drinking enough water daily and switch your sodas/caffeinated drinks for fresh juices instead!
  • This brings us to moisturising! Make sure you are using the right moisturiser to feed the good stuff to your skin while it is healing!
  • And finally, are you using the right products? Is your current acne treatment too harsh? Are you using the right moisturiser? Below is a list of our best products for acne prone skin!

Clarifying face wash

Our clarifying face wash is packed with ingredients such as olive leaf extract and extra virgin olive oil which will Ensure that your skin will be clean but hydrated and nourished!

Rosehip Oil with Olive Leaf

It’s one of or bestsellers for a reason! Olive leaf extract is rich is Oleuropein, which is 400% more potent than vitamin C! This will help to revitalise,protect and brighten your skin. Rosehip Oil is rich is Vitamin A and fatty acids,which will aid in fading acne scars and promoting smoother and pefectly hydrated skin.

Brightening Face Moisturiser

A light weight moisturiser is all you need to keep your skin staying hydrated without clogging your pores! Replenishing Mango Butter and Antioxidant Avocado Oil will do just the trick!

Try just these 3 simple products and you will feel and see a huge difference.




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