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Tips from Make Up Artists worldwide for a flawless finish

sital gill

Posted on August 18 2016

Tips from Make Up Artists worldwide for a flawless finish

I have worked with numerous makeup artists over the years both on a professional front and personally, and have learnt so many tips on how to achieve that flawless finish. From how to apply your skincare to what to eat - Make Up Artists truly have a wealth of knowledge. 

Cosine Vincent from Bangkok Thailand has shared some tips with us here. To get in touch with her - follow her on facebook  or message her on whatsapp : +66 (0) 899226620

Prepping your face 

  • wash your face with a gentle yet effective face wash to clean away all that dirt without leaving your face excessively dry - dry skin makes makeup application tough and not as smooth
  • exfoliate twice a week to clean out those pores, close them and prevent those breakouts
  • apply a moisturizer generously (preferably without an SPF if going to take a photo as the camera flashes will make the face too "white") to act as a primer for the makeup
  • add 2-3 drops of Rosehip Oil to your foundation for that flawless finish and extra hydration - dry flakey skin is the worst base for your makeup especially for those with really dry skin
  • mixing foundation with your moisturizer is great too for  daily light coverage 


  • apply that Rosehip Oil around your eyes too to smoothen out those fine lines and dryness
  • keep your eye gel in your fridge so that when apply it, it reduces the puffiness
  • an eye gel is also a great primer, so apply this around the eye after applying the rosehip oil


  • keep those lips moisturised with a balm - nothing is worse than chapped lips
  • if you have excess half-peeled off skin on your lips, use a damp toothbrush to brush it off
  • go to bed with well moisturised lips so your lips stay yummy and kissable all day the next day

We have covered what you need to do for beautiful flawless makeup. Eat healthy, use clean makeup and skincare products and you will never look back.



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  • Nehal: September 23, 2016

    Hi, thank you for the great tips.
    I would love to know more about exfoliating your face at home and outside. Thank you :)

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