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Face the haze

sital gill

Posted on October 01 2015

This haze is bad. It is just BAD. It is bad for your eyes, lungs, hair and of course your skin. I highly recommend that you go on a holiday to New Zealand tomorrow... of course :) Now that may be easy for some but for a lot of us going on holiday is just not an option. We will have no choice but stay here in Asia and suffer (temporarily). With or without the haze, we should always have our skin ready to combat mother nature's harshest. Vitamin A, E, C and all antioxidant foods are your best friends and of course all found in Olive's products... yes I know we really know what we are doing.


Now how is the haze actually bad for your skin? Let me break it down for you in my favorite way - point form :)

  • Clogs your pores! All that dirt and grime is clogging your pores now more so than before. Besides your makeup and sweat the haze is now contributing tremendously at trying to push that breakout to the surface and that is just so not what you want. My solution :
    •  Wash your face twice a day with a "milky" face wash so its cleans your face and leaves it moisturized rather than dry as the haze is already doing that.
    • Exfoliate!! Exfoliate your face twice a week (and no more than that). It is now more important than ever before. The dust and dirt and well entrenched into your pores and you really need to get all that crap out of there. Exfoliate after work or before your sleep and replace your daily wash with your exfoliator just this time. We do not need to be washing our faces more than usual, we just need to be smart about it. The more you wash, the drier your skin gets and then its more prone to infection.
    • Lets not forget to exfoliate your body too. Your body is suffering as much as your face is. Exfoliate people!!! EXFOLIATE!!

  • Drys your skin out horribly!! Especially us eczema sufferers, this is our worst nightmare. The irritants in the haze and irritating our skin and causing our flare ups. Besides popping a telecast or a zyrtec, we must keep our skin hydride, both on our face and bodies.
    • Use a skincare oil on your body. The Olive 100% Natural Skincare Oil does not leave skin oily... yay... and has powerful botanical ingredients to repair dry skin, lighten spots and scars, lock moisture in and even assists in fading stretch marks. Use it twice a day, everyday! This should be part of everyones daily skin care regime.
    • Moisturise the face with a brightening moisturiser as the haze is trying its best to make that skin tone go from even to the dreaded UNEVEN :( The moisturizer will keep skin hydrated and work on evening up the skin tone and make you glow :)
    • For those who want an extra moisture boost (which probably isn't a bad idea) - use a face mask. It will clean all the nasties out and keep skin glowing and well hydrated.

  • Dry lips... urghhh. This is just the worst. Nothing worse than chapped lips. 
    • Use lip protection. Now most of you think I would say to use our lip balm but actually I feel in such harsh conditions, you need something that not only moisturizers but also acts as a barrier to the haze and all the irritants. Use an all purpose balm which soothes the lips and is the perfect barrier against all things bad. It also fits beautifully in your purse and is great to moisturise those dry elbows and knee caps.
  • Premature aging! The UV rays are now trapped by the haze and damaging our skin more than before. Free radicals are damaging our skin and causing premature aging!! I mean its like the world is against you... quite literally! 
    • Neutralize the free radicals with Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil. I mention this in almost every post and thats because it is that good for you. Use 3 drops on your face after you have washed up and that is it. Go to bed! Let the Rosehip Oil start its magic. You will be surprised at how amazing it works and how quick is starts to work. 
    • Use an eye cream. That is the first place aging starts for most and prevention in key!
  • Hair is just yucky all the time. There is not really must to say except wash and condition your hair. I strongly recommend using a hair masque to lock the moisture in, keep hair nice and clean and keep that dandruff away.

This should do the trick. Keep skin hydrated, moisturized and protected and you will be fine this haze season.



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