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Skincare Oil and Stretch Marks

sital gill

Posted on September 26 2017

Skincare Oil and Stretch Marks

37 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Its been one hell of a ride from terrible morning sickness, to indigestion and now the anxiety of my little bub being a few weeks away. When you are a first time parent, you will never know when you are ready until you have the baby I reckon. However, what you can prepare for is taking care of yourself pre-birth, cause life is totally different after (according to what I hear).

I have been mainly resting and keeping cosy with maternity books but I have also been taking extra good care of my skin. Besides taking really good care of the skin on my face, I have been slathering on oil on my tummy to prevent stretch marks.

Also, I should add, using only natural certified skincare products is key when you are pregnant and when you are nursing as anything you use on your body reaches your little bub via the blood stream. Avoiding silicones, preservatives and artificial fragrances is not only good for your skin but also for the little one. Thats why pregnant mommies are also discouraged from dying their hair etc.

So this is what I have been doing -

  1. Exfoliating weekly with Olive's Exfoliating Body Scrub. The scrub is full of natural skincare goodies to to remove dead and dry skin whilst keeping skin moisturised. Stretch marks are mainly the result of dry skin amongst other factors like genes etc. It is full of amazing oils like Hazelnut Oil, Pistachio Nut Oil and Shea butter to keep skin nourished and hydrated post shower. I scrubbed gently in circular motion, rinsed it off and then pat dried the area. My skin felt soft and smooth post shower with all those oils getting absorbed.
  2. I then slathered on Olive's Natural Skincare Oil. A whole 2 pumps all over my tummy twice daily. Now this has seriously been liquid gold in a bottle. Olive's 100% natural skincare oil has been developed using a unique combination of natural active botanical ingredients. The base ingredient is New Zealand produced Olive Oil (produced at the Simunovich Olive Estate), which has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean as a beauty treatment and remedy for skin problems. Here are a few ingredients in the oil making it just so amazing - 
  • olive leaf extract to improves skin elasticity which you need when your skin is stretching so much
  • rosehip oil absorbs into the skin deeply keeping it moisturised
  • sea buckthorn oil is high in vitamin a, c and e and promotes skin regeneration and elasticty
  • kiwi seed extract is rich in omega 3 oils to keep moisture in and prevent inflammation
  • ginger extract is full of antioxidants improving skin elasticity and prevents free radical damage
3.  Sealed the whole area with Olive's All Purpose Balm. I have always been one to "seal" oil on areas which need extra work to keep the oil "in". This acted as a source of extra hydration and nourishment whilst preventing the oils from rubbing off.

The result - 3 little stretch marks on the left side of my body towards my back at week 33 :(   I noticed I did not get any on the other side of my body as I have a rash on my fingers on my left hand which meant applying the oil all over my body only with my right hand and perhaps the oil never quite reached the area with the stretch marks. 

I should also add that because the products are free from artificial fragrances and only consist of the natural fragrance from the ingredients, the smells did not aggravate my nausea. As a pregnant person that is a big big plus point.

However, other than that, so far so good. I am super pleased with the results and I am certain if I continue with this regime I will not be getting anymore stretch marks as I haven't for the last 4 weeks. I am also confident, the 3 little stretch marks will go away with continued use the skincare oil. 


Olive's natural skincare oil gets a 10/10 from me. I have also been applying this to my face and I do not think my skin has ever been clearer. Olive's Natural Skincare Oil has been highly effective in improving skin elasticity and hydration. I could not be happier with the results and will update everyone when my little bub is out.

Give it try and let me know what you think.



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