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  • Microbeads and exfoliating

    sital gill

    Posted on October 09 2015

    There has been a lot of hype in the media about microbeads and how its bad for you etc ...
  • Foods to combat aging

    sital gill

    Posted on September 15 2015

    So posts like this are gold :) We all have stuff about our skin which we would like to...
  • How to remove under eye wrinkles... Naturally..

    sital gill

    Posted on September 10 2015

    If it is one thing I noticed most about my face, it is my eyes. I notice both the good ...
  • Virgin Blogger

    sital gill

    Posted on September 09 2015

    My first blog post... In November of 2006, just after I had completed my year 12 exa...