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Microbeads and exfoliating

sital gill

Posted on October 09 2015

There has been a lot of hype in the media about microbeads and how its bad for you etc etc - but how is it really bad for you? The truth is - it is not directly bad for you at all and the indirect impact of microbeads on you is probably very small... or is it?

I love the world I live in and I love everything this world has to offer. I got married on a beach in Thailand where the waters were crystal clear and teaming with marine life and I holiday all around the world where nature is the star of the show. Sure I live in a city with buildings all around me but I always look forward to the time I can be at peace with myself surrounded by mother nature. That is the part of the world which is at risk - nature!! Our wildlife!! And yes, potentially the food we eat!! That is how microbeads affect us - they affect our quality of life. It will affect our health and it is already affecting out waters and marine life.

Microbeads look like this and can be found in many "exfoliating" facial cleansers, body "polishing" scrubs and even tooth paste. They are nothing but small plastic balls which are used as exfoliating agents in these products. Yes PLASTIC! Besides the fact that plastic is non biodegradable - these little balls are getting into our water and affecting our marine life which we eat!!! Oh and before i forget -it has the potential to be cancerous! I do not like the sound of that at all!! The fish eat the beads, we eat the fish and when it gets into our food chain the consequences are dire. We do not know exactly what they are yet but the more we use these products the sooner we will know the health impacts of these beads.

There is good news of course! There are many products in the market which do NOT use microbes and the ones that do usually have labels stating they do. It pains me to say that even "dermatologically tested and approved" products use microbeads. Always look out for products which are "natural" certified i.e. Olive as plastic is a big no-no in such products.  Our Illuminating Face Polish uses ground olive pits as the exfoliator and guess what - thats all natural and is not potentially harmful to you or to our beautiful world. Likewise, our Exfoliating Body Scrub uses cane sugar to exfoliate the skin whilst the olive oil leaves it beautifully soft and moisturized.




Lets do our part for mother nature and lets just be a bit more conscious and aware of what we use and what we discard. We owe it to her, to our families and ourselves.









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