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Olive Skincare by New Zealand Simunovich Olive Estate

sital gill

Posted on March 02 2016

Olive Skincare by New Zealand Simunovich Olive Estate


Are you looking for a natural skincare brand that focuses on the widely revered olive oil? With only natural formulations, sans harmful parabens, mineral oils, artificial colourants or fragrances, microbeads, silicones and animal testing? But something more affordable and sweet smelling? Olive is your answer!
I was given these products from a lovely lady, Sital Gill, who founded Powella (has some amazing articles on skincare!), and had acquired Asia distribution rights to the skincare brand Olive, by New Zealand's Simunovich Olive Estate (Psst! They grow their own olive trees, their main skincare ingredient, on their HUGE land. Wow, color me green! I want my own Olive trees!)
Fact: Did you know that “Olive” means “symbol of peace” in Latin? Don't you feel like you want to name your baby "Olive" now? ;)
I got to know of the skincare brand Olive late last year and was pretty impressed with their packaging and the fact that every product of theirs featured their very own home-grown New Zealand Olive Oil, from trees grown on their very own land/premises (what a wondrous sight to see, isn't it? Okay okay, you know I'm a Olive treehugger by now). They don’t use chemical fertilizers and every skincare product proudly features natural formulations.
Here's a description about their skincare:
"The Simunovich family tradition is not only built on olive oils for the table they also produce olive oil based skincare products which are manufactured in a state of the art processing and packaging facility adjoining the Estate’s olive oil processing plant.
Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, extra virgin olive oil is a highly effective component in neutralizing the free radicals that are known to damage healthy skin. Olive oil is also known to help your skin regulate its natural moisturising systems. 
Because olive oil has a naturally lower oxidation rate than your skin’s natural oils, it is a perfect supplement to help keep these oxidation problems at bay while forming an effective barrier, helping to protect your skin from irritants."


What I was presented with was the Illuminating Face Polish (actually means Exfoliant, if you were initially taken aback as I was, being the scatter-minded naïve noob that I usually am), the Purifying Face Masque, All-Natural Skincare Oil and the Olive Body Scrub.
I love natural products. I hate harmful chemicals. I love fragrances. (Beware of other products that quote “fragrance” as an ingredient, as it can contain around twenty plus chemicals. Those extra ingredients can be hidden within just one word!) So how do I combine the two? If you are like me, the Olive skincare brand will be a great fit for you as they are natural but pleasant smelling. The Simunovich Olive Estate makes safe, natural skincare formulations, and have great reviews from sufferers of psoriasis and flaky skin.
So my morning in the washroom lately goes like this:
  1. Slather Kigelia Africana Africa's Secret Sausage Fruit Facial Wash on damp face (my favourite as it is gentle yet brightens up my dull skin as I look grumpily in the mirror every morning)
  2. Massage it in.
  3. Take a moment to let it sink into the skin
  4. Wash off

  5. Apply Illuminating Face Polish and scrub, oh sorry, exfoliate ;) to remove any dead skin cells and hence reducing any clogged pores that may cause acne, causing the speeding up of cell renewal action (new clean vibrant skin, yay!). It also will help to decongest these old pores and diminish their size! Who wants huge, old pores anyway?
  6. Let it sit.
  7. Wash off!
  8. Results = Nice scent + nice looking skin!

  9. Lock my door to prevent any babies from barraging in on me
  10. Apply my Argan, Zafron & Camel's Milk Brightening Lait Cre'me as the Illuminating Face Polish has scrubbed away any dead cells and has paved its way to a new canvas for all that Shea Terra Organics’ goodness to sink into. (I.e. My skin)


Once or twice every week, I use Olive’s Purifying Face Masque. Previously, I don’t really use masques that often. Firstly, because I am just WAY TOO busy running around to properly think about having one. Secondly, those chemical-laden masques? NAH. Thirdly, these natural masques are a bit messy, so you do need a tiny bit more time to prepare the paste (these goodies don’t come diluted in water and preservatives, noo…)
You will need to mix such natural masques with water, or floral waters such as Orange Blossom Facial water, or with beauty oils such as 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil. The processes involved in it do sometimes call for a bit more time. And why Singapore couldn’t be just like Myanmar, where the girls and women could walk around with thanaka (a cooling, anti-fungal, anti-acne, anti-sunburn, sandalwood-smelling paste made from ground bark) on their faces, is beyond me! These natural masques will benefit your face for the long-term. Trust me!
But, Olive’s Purifying Face Masque? It is a breeze to squeeze, lather, wait 10-15 minutes around the house and wash off. The fragrance is a plus for me, as it encourages me to apply whenever I look at the bottle and is reminded of its sweet smelling, nutty scent.
After a few tries of this skincare regimen (of using BOTH face polish AND face masque), I was pleasantly surprised at how my skin felt like while I was washing up in the shower! I was not consciously trying to feel the difference. The difference caught me offguard! It felt smooth and plump!
The thing about natural skincare products is that natural products need time and PERSEVERANCE and CONSISTENT APPLICATIONS for severe skin conditions such as eczema (but they really do work! No more steroid creams!), but they show results almost immediately (for general skin conditions) if they work for you! No need for chemicals, ever! These goodies usually last longer than their mainstream counterparts, as a little goes a long way. Like my Argan, Zafron & Camel's Milk Brightening Lait Cre'me is still more than half full, even after 1 year. So organic products have great value for your money, in all aspects.


I had applied it on my baby’s bum just for 3 times and without warning, my hardened skin on the inner side of my finger had peeled off almost totally! Wow! I was not intending for that to happen at all! It can be applied all over the body, best after using Olive’s Exfoliating Moisture Body Scrub.


That scrub also caught me off-guard! Applied it, washed it off, yet not totally stripping the oily residue off my skin and then the next time I’d stepped into the toilet for a shower, was amazed to find that my body felt really smooth! No wonder I’d thought, as it contains moisturizing ingredients such as Olive, Hazelnut & Pistachio Nut Oil plus Shea Butter is just the second ingredient in its list (which means it is a major ingredient in this!). The exfoliating action also contributes to its smooth result as dead skin cells are removed, speeding up its cell renewal process, as with the face polish!


My favourites from this lot are:
  • Olive Illuminating Face Polish (8.5/10) 
  • Olive Purifying Face Masque (9/10) 
So that’s my whole experience with the Olive skincare brand. I am a pretty easy girl to please so I can find myself happy with almost anything, but I do hope it has been beneficial to you, dear reader, as it had been fun for me to share it all, warts and all, with you. The following list of Olive products is what we have in store for you, do browse it and tell us which are your favourites or on your wishlist! Who knows, you might just get what you wish for! No need to be careful, there is no catch! ;)


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  • Vithya Sharmini: January 31, 2019

    Hi dear,
    I have bought multiple products from you. Love your rosehip oil, moisturiser and toner. In my latest purchase, I decided to try your lip balm. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. I leave it overnight but my lips are still dry and cracked the next morning. When I used vaseline it was not like that. Anyway just giving a feedback. Maybe it just doesnt work for me. Continue the good work that you are doing! Cheers!

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