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My Acne Story - From Oily Skin to Dry Skin

sital gill

Posted on March 21 2016

My Acne Story - From Oily Skin to Dry Skin

This isn't a topic I like talking about but it is something that is really important to discuss. Whilst acne is not really life threatening in any way, anyone who has had acne will tell you it affects their confidence, motivation and that in turn affects so many other things from performance at work to participating in social gatherings.

I feel the best way to discuss this is to talk about my own experience. So this is my story and what I learnt -

Prior to June of 2014, I can safely say I had flawless and enviable skin. My skin was fresh and dewy. There were no bumps and no marks. My makeup always went on smoothly. I had and still have some freckles which I love and that was the only true "blemish" on my face. Here take a look -

However, in June of 2014, everything changed. I broke out in small little pimples all over my forehead. I did not think much of it except it then got worse and spread to my cheeks, my jawline and even my chest. They weren't huge cysts or anything like that, just small little red bumps everywhere. My skin was so oily and my makeup was disgustingly cakey. Here is what it looked like -

With only 10 months to my wedding, I went to the doctor where she "pulled out" all my whiteheads which were basically pimples in the making. She then gave me an oral medication called Roaccutane after making me take a blood test to check on my liver and cholesterol levels as it is such a potent and harsh medication. 

Roaccutane was a very painful drug to take. Within 2 days of taking it, my lips peeled all the time. My skin on my chin peeled off. My upper lip peeled off. My eyes became so intolerably dry. My mouth was dry. After a few weeks, my hair would fall more than usual. My joints hurt and I was always agitated. I thought to myself - what is worse? Acne or these side effects?

To cut the long story short, I completed my course of a full 8 months and was completely acne free :) However, this acne free skin came at the price of excessively dry skin :( which then meant I had 2 months to "repair" my skin before the big day. This was when I truly learnt about the effects of dry skin. 

Dry skin causes so many undesirable outcomes and these are the ones I experienced:

I had to do something real quick and the obvious thing to do was to "oil up" as that would cure the dryness instantly. What I did not anticipate was that the oil would seep into my skin and help keep my skin dewy permanently which was great. Here is what I did:

Within days I noticed the difference. My skin felt soft. My makeup went on smoothly and my scars and marks were getting lighter. The skincare oil is specially formulated to lighten scars, prevent eczema and soothe excessively dry skin amongst other things. It was such an amazing feeling. On the day of my wedding, my skin was amazing and I could not be happier. This is what I achieved with this new regime and the regime I still use 9 months after the wedding-

And this is me and my skin today as I write this... 

Good skin does not always happen by chance, it happens with a good regime and with good natural products. 



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