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Eyes - help is here for that under eye darkness and lines

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Posted on March 29 2016

Eyes - help is here for that under eye darkness and lines

More often than not, we are promised something, but the product does not deliver. From personal experience, my issue has always been with eye creams and gels. Whilst I did see improvement with some products, there were other times I did not. 

With your eyes, there are 2 main issues - darkness and under eye lines. The whole basis of finding what works best for these issues is first identifying the issue, then the causes and then the solution. Besides creams and gels, simple changes to your lifestyle make all the difference.

Under eye lines

So if you follow me often enough you will know I talk about this a lot. The reason I talk about this is because it is something I have battled with as I have dry skin. Under eye lines present themselves in 2 forms: 

  1. That single or double line you have under your eye generally when you are "straight faced" - sorry did not know how else to refer to it.
  2. The bunch on lines you get under your eyes when you smile.

If you remember my last post on under eye wrinkles - Removing Under Eye Wrinkles, you will remember me talking about a technique to remove those lines with Olive's Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil. This technique helps for both issues and I still consider this very very effective. If however, you are short on time or a little lazy like me, you will like the this below.

Olive has come up with a cream solely for the purpose of addressing under eye lines - Olive Renew Eye Contour Cream. This cream is rich in Coffee seed extract is known to enhance natural collagen and elastin production, assisting in reducing the appearance and signs of aging i.e. LINES. Of course, I was excited beyond imaginable when I received this product and have been using it ever since. Here is what you need to do :

  • Make sure your face is clean.
  • Dab on a small amount of Olive's Renew Eye Contour Cream until absorbed under your eye and along the crease at the top. Do not rub it in as the skin is already really thin there.
  • After this, apply your other products to your face. This allows the effective and potent ingredients to penetrate and work on the skin.
  • You may also wish to "seal" the area with Olive's 100% Natural All Purpose Balm.

You may choose to use Olive's Renew Eye Contour Cream in the day and the Olive's Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil at night to incorporate the two methods into your day. Works perfectly.

Also, drink lots of water, eat less salty foods and cardio all help as the key here to keep your cells well hydrated to plump up the skin and thereby plumping up and erasing those lines.

Dark Circles 

Dark circles are perhaps more common and easier to overcome but it does require a bit of discipline.

Dark circles are basically that shadow you have under your eye which may also be bit puffy depending on how severe your situation is. Lifestyle changes are definitely key to solving this issue:

  • Drink more water - 3 litres a day
  • Exercise - mainly cardio
  • Try and get 7-8 hours a sleep a day
  • Elevate your head when you sleep so the fluid does not go to your face as much
  • Eat less salty and oily food as fluid retention from salty food causes the puffiness
  • Treat your allergies. This is a major factor resulting in puffy eyes. Take a anti histamine and keep your immunity up with Vitamin C rich food

I am certain you will see changes in a matter of days of making these small changes. 

A helping booster is always handy. Olive's Eye Reviving Gel will complement your lifestyle change by calming the eye area to reduce the darkness and toning the area to reduce the puffiness. This gel is ideal for those who have both under eye lines and dark circles.

I think it is apt to say that good skin is a product of a healthy lifestyle. Using natural skincare products complements your lifestyle and brings your skin to its optimal state.

Before signing off, since so many of you liked that I put a photo of myself on the day of the blog post, here is one for you. And no I am not wearing the same shirt as the last time, I just like white shirts.




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