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Posted on September 09 2015

My first blog post...

In November of 2006, just after I had completed my year 12 exams, my parents dragged my sister (Munch) and I to New Zealand for a family holiday. I was about to turn 18 and I had my whole schoolies trip planned with my friends but my Dad wanted me to have absolutely no association with "The Schoolies". Munch and I were horrified with the idea of holidaying with sheep and cows and just could not understand why anyone for that matter would leave a beautiful city like Singapore (or at the time, Melbourne) to holiday in what we thought was the "outback".

When we reached Auckland, we rather unenthusiastically walked around the city, did the basic site-seeing tourist-ey thing and were left not particularly impressed. Dad and Mom then decided to take us to an olive estate in a suburb called Bombay Hills for dinner to celebrate my birthday. This family dinner was a far cry from what I had envisioned my 18th birthday to be. Again, Munch and I were left underwhelmed by these plans but we really had no choice.

The restaurant which was right in the middle of the olive estate is an award winning restaurant called Bracu. Munch and I surprisingly loved the food and we were somewhat taken aback by the abundance of nature surrounding us. Never had we seen acres and acres and acres of just trees and free to roam ducks and swans. It was beautiful. That view is forever etched in my mind. It was my first experience and now my constant reminder of how beautiful our world really is.

We then went to the gift shop where I was first introduced to Olive and what an introduction that was. We purchased the lip balms (as all teenage girls do) and after using it could not help ourselves from buying other products. From then till today I have used Olive skincare products and could not be happier. It is perfect for my skin which is generally dry and eczema and acne prone.

Olive is made from the olive oil, olive leaf extract and other ingredients mostly grown on the estate. With the help of their R & D team, the Simunovich family chose not to waste the goodness of their produce and utilized the whole plant. Olive is natural, halal and free of parabens, fragrances and other nasty chemicals which agitate our skin. The extra virgin olive oil (which is closest in structure to our skin's natural oils)in these products is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and antioxidants which keep the skin hydrated, healthy and beautiful.

Olive is now available in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and soon to be available in Indonesia. Support whats good for you. Support Good Manufacturing Practice. Support No Animal Testing. Please support Olive Asia.


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