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How to remove under eye wrinkles... Naturally..

sital gill

Posted on September 10 2015

If it is one thing I noticed most about my face, it is my eyes. I notice both the good and the bad about my eyes. The good: Big, expressive, nice lashes, well arched brows etc etc... The bad: Thin skin, prone to dryness, first place my signs of aging have shown, weird and new under eye lines etc etc...

Until recently, I did not apply anything near my eyes in fear of it getting into my eyes and not knowing what the effect would be on the skin around my eyes knowing that the skin there is so thin and sensitive. However, just a few months before my wedding in June 2015 I knew something had to be done. I had a meeting with an aesthetics doctor and she advised me that she could inject a filler under my eye but there is no guarantee the lines would go away... this was far from an acceptable solution.

In all this time, I did a lot of reading up on Rosehip Oil as it was a new product introduced into the Olive range. Here are the benefits of Rosehip Oil:

  1. Reduces the visibility of acne scars (scars in general) and keeps the skin hydrated so the skin does not produce excess oils causing more acne.
  2. Great for dry skin as it is abundant in fatty acids and vitamins keeping skin hydrated.
  3. Great defense against wrinkles and reducing the appearance of wrinkles thanks to the fatty acids plumping up the cells, vitamin E keeping cells hydrated and protected from UV and vitamin A directly targets wrinkles and dark spots. Vitamin A also is a a great defense against acne.
  4. Treats eczema and psoriasis as it has anti-inflammatory characteristics.
  5. The vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants are the building blocks for healthy skin, bright and glowing skin.
  6. It evens out skin tone.
  7. Helps firm up the skin and restores elasticity.

Besides using Olive's Organic Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil all over your face, there is a particularly useful method of applying the Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil around your eyes so as to reduce the appearance of those horrible lines around your eye. The key is hydration! I have highlighted this method below. Best to do this before bed:

  1. Take 1-2 drops of the Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil and rub it between your index fingers lightly to warm up the oil a little
  2. Gently massage the oils under the eyes, on the sides of your eyes (where you get crows feet) and on the lids for about 1 minute.
  3. Then run hot tap water on a towel, squeeze the excess water and press it on your eyes especially the under eye area for 15-20seconds.
  4. Once the oil is absorbed, "seal" the area with our 100% Natural All- Purpose Balm and have a great nights sleep.
  5. Use Olive's Reviving Eye Gel in the day.

Its easy, takes about 2 minutes and you will see a change the next morning and in weeks the changes get more and more visible. I did this before my wedding for 2 months (and i still do this every night). Look at the difference just after 2.5 months! Wish I had a better "after" photo with the same angles.

You can have more of a read about the Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil here - and 100% Natural All Purpose Balm here -

I hope this was helpful. Please try it out and let me know how it goes for you.






  • Under Eye Filler Singapore: May 18, 2021

    Thank you for this article.

  • Aishah: June 29, 2017

    will love to try this remedy as my eyes have age faster than my age.

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