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Christmas with Love

sital gill

Posted on December 10 2015

With Christmas around the corner, we thought it would only be appropriate to do a post all about the beauty of Christmas and of our top tips for gifts.

The gift of beauty is the gift of renewed confidence and beginning of a loving relationship. To aid a friend or family member in their search for what is best for their body is a gift like no other. To share real experiences with your friends is a gift of love. We at Powella and Olive believe sharing is loving and loving is best gift of all. 

When you love yourself, you exude love to others. You smile more often in the day, making others around you smile. You laugh more making others laugh more. You give more making others feel good. So lets make this christmas all about LOVE. 

Now, love starts at home so we have 15% off all orders till the 17th. 

We also have our amazing gift boxes which are so beautiful that we cannot stop loving them :) 

Next, we have come up with a few christmas combos which you will just love and we guarantee your loved ones will love too.

We also have a great baby and men's range. Contact us and we will be happy to curate a box specifically for you.

Remember to spread the love :)




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