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Why use a toner?

sital gill

Posted on May 04 2016

Why use a toner?

Anything anybody ever talks about with regards to good skincare is a good moisturizer or a good face oil or even a good cleanser. Along the way, it is fair to say we have forgotten about the humble TONER. Yes, the alcohol ridden, blue-colored, water-like substance you would dab onto a cotton square and wipe all over face making your face sting... yuck :(

Since puberty where you were told toners were gonna help get rid of that acne, a lot has changed. A lot!!! Toners ( well Olive's toner anyways ) are not blue anymore. They don't all have alcohol. And guess what - no more stinging sensation. Things have changed.

Whether you choose to spray your toner onto you face directly or use a cotton square, here are the reasons you should tone:

  • Applying toner to a cotton square and wiping your face will reduce the appearance of pores
  • It gives an extra layer of hydration a protection
  • Water based toners which are packed full of goodies, like anti-oxidants, skin-repairing substances and even anti-inflammatory substances.
  • It refreshes the skin after washing.
  • If in a spray form - perfect for re-setting makeup on the go or re-hydrating your skin whilst in that dry air-conditioned room at work.



Toning does wonders for maintaining your skin's PH balance and it should certainly be apart of your skincare regime. Get yours from Olive today - https://powella.com.sg/collections/face/products/olive-hydrating-facial-toner-60ml




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