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Love, laughter and beautiful skin forever...

sital gill

Posted on November 23 2015

As we are approaching wedding season, it is only fitting that we have a heart-to-heart about how to prepare your skin for the wedding so you not only glow but exhume confidence.

Now, a good skincare regime should not stop once the wedding is over!! In fact, taking care of your skin becomes even more important once the wedding is over. Thanks to all that make up you have had all over your pores for the last 3 days and dancing till 3am at your Reception, your skin is really going through a lot.

I having recently got married followed a few very simple rules leading up to the wedding for dewy and flawless skin. I did not know my skin was actually up to par until my make up artist made a comment about it. Of course that had me on cloud 9 amongst other things like marrying the man of my dreams. Follow this regime for both before and after the wedding and you should be good to go.

  1. Drink water and lots of it. About 3 liters of water a day should do. This is what I would call moisturizing your skin from the inside. This will plump up your skin, aid is smoothing out any fine lines you may have and aid in blood circulation for glowing skin.
  2. Make sure to remove all makeup everyday followed by cleansing your face gently. Lets face it, you are stressing out with the wedding being so close and that stress is not doing your skin any favors and neither is that residual makeup you forgot to clean off before going to bed. Make sure to wipe off all makeup, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and take a chill pill. Think Natural!! Olive’s Clarifying Face Wash or Rich Cleansing Milk will clean off all that access makeup and oils once you have wiped it off.
  3. Oil up! Those acne scars, pigmentation etc. are not going to go away if you are not going to do anything about it. After washing your face, apply 3 drops of Olive’s Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil around your damp face with an extra drop around your eyes. As it is rich in antioxidants, it will neutralize the free radicals damaging your skin and help lighten the scars and pigmentation along with smoothening out those fine lines. Use this both day and night.
  4. Moisturize with a light- weight moisturizer. Light- weight is the way to go to keep those pores in check. A day cream and the corresponding night cream are ideal for this as it is made formulated for this exact reason.
  5. Keep those smoochers balmed up. Carry a lip balm with you and apply frequently. Vaseline and papaw creams are not balms!! They are barriers and do your lips no favors. Use a balm with Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Manuka Honey, which will repair any damage and protect your lips such as Olive’s Natural Lip Balm. Also, another trick – pick a soft bristle toothbrush for your lips and brush them gently twice a week to remove all dead skin.
  6. Exfoliate twice a week. That’s it! Just twice a week to remove all that dead dry skin to reveal beautiful smooth skin. Please be environmentally conscious and stay away from any exfoliators with Micro-Beads. This is simply good Karma.
  7. Do not forget the rest of your body. A lot of us concentrate on our faces and forget our bodies. Not a good idea. The skin on the body is equally important. That midriff at your Sangeet, those hands at your Mehndi or your sexy back at your Reception!! Exfoliate twice a week with a body scrub and oil your skin with Olive’s Skincare Oil. This will not only moisturize, it will also lighten scars and keep your skin smooth.
  8. Last but not least – your hair and oil are friends. Douse those locks in Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil before washing hair. This will keep hair shiny and strong. Also, use a hair masque twice a week to lock that moisture in. A quick reminder to stay away from hair dryers and let your beautiful locks dry naturally.

This was my regime and it worked amazingly and I know this will work for you too.  I am leaving you with some photos of you me from the wedding. For those who are abit confused - I had a full blown indian wedding and hence the ceremonies. Enjoy!!!

Good Luck on the big day and remember to smile.




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