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Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cancer

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Posted on July 18 2016

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cancer

It never fails to amaze me how Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Olive Leaf Extract are such potent and beneficial ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Now we know how good EVOO is for great skin but there are so many other great reasons to use and consume EVOO.

A recent study has suggested that adding good quality EVOO to your diet helps prevent cancer. Unhealthy diets have been deeply linked to cancer in at least 10% of cases. In an article published in BJC 2011, Parkin, M etal, observed that one in ten cases of cancer in the UK was a cause of the consumption of regularly unhealthy diets.

How does EVOO help prevent cancer ?

When toxins are consumed through diet, they attack DNA which then causes cell mutations and paves the way for malignant tumors. As olive oil contains vitamins and antioxidants, it provides body the immunity and power to fight against the free radicals produced by toxins. Also, oleic acid found in EVOO sharply cuts the level of the cancer causing gene.

A group of medical professionals in University Hospital Barcelona, Department of Gastroenterology conducted a study on rats by feeding them with safflower, fish oil and olive oil. The investigation continued for five months and it was found that rats fed with safflower had developed tumors two times more than the groups fed with fish oil and olive oil. The investigators mixed the oil with a chemical which accelerates cancer in the bowel.  Some studies on pre-cancerous lesions showed that the olive oil rich diet had positive effect on these lesions in three ways:

  • It reduced the number of cancerous lesions
  • Tumors developed were significantly low in numbers
  • Any tumors developed had a better prognosis and as result were far less aggressive.

It has also been suggested by many studies that the rate of death due to prostate cancer was lower in the regions such Greece and Italy because of the high consumption of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet.

Olive Oil and Skin Cancer

Some studies conducted on mice have shown positive results of olive oil on skins exposed to sunlight causing skin cancers. Studies of this nature were conducted in Japan and Ireland. The anti-oxidant properties of olive oil is effective in reducing the risks of skin problems.

What exactly in EVOO is great for you?

Oleic Acid - It is a monounsaturated fatty acid that has maximum health benefits. Oncogene is a gene that changes a host cell into a cancer cell. Oleic acid has the ability to reduce the cancer causing effect of the oncogene gene.

Antioxidants - The antioxidants present in extra virgin olive oil protect human beings from damages that can result from free radicals such as aging, weak immunity and even cancer.

Flavonides - Most common diseases that flavonoids may help in reducing the risk  include: repairing cellular damage, fight aging, reducing inflammation, promoting healthy arteries, and protecting against some types of cancers.

Polyphenols - It is especially effective in fighting and preventing breast cancers. The phenolic compounds are highly effective antioxidants. NOTE - Excessive heat destroys phenols, so refined olive oil which undergoes a heating process may not contain the beneficial amount as contained in the cold pressed virgin olive oil.

Oleuropein - One of the substances of Oleuropein is called DHPE which helps to prevent cell’s damage and protects its integrity and even playing a role in preventing cancer.

Squalene - Researchers has shown that it is due to the high levels of squalene in olive that makes it anti-carcinogenic.

Do yourself a favor and add some EVOO to your salads, to your hummus, drizzle it over your grilled chicken or even add it to your pasta. We will have recipes up for you soon.



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