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Pregnancy skin, pregnancy skincare

sital gill

Posted on June 13 2017

Pregnancy skin, pregnancy skincare

It has been many months since the last blog post and my apologies for this. I got pregnant and have been dealing with the symptoms for the last 5 months. The "morning sickness" has finally subsided and I feel it is a great time to talk about the much dreaded pregnancy skin. I am at week 22 and I am very excited to see my little baby in 18 weeks.

So what have i experienced so far?

The good news is not so much. My skin has been spared a lot. I have experienced some dryness, darkening on neck, itchy abdomen and stretch marks. Let me go through what I have done.

  1. Dryness - This is something that has always plagued me. I have always had dry skin and now it is dryer. I use my skincare oil (1/2 a pump) and add 2 drops of rosehip oil to my face. I then apply my brightening moisturiser. I always have on hand my 100% natural all purpose balm for my lips and the body milk for the rest of my body. This has definately kept the dryness at bay but what I have realised is, if I skip this even one time, it goes back to being really dry so I have to diligently apply twice daily.

  2. Darkness - This is something I am getting on my neck and abdomen. I use the brightening moisturser rich in olive leaf extract to lighten the neck mixed with the rosehip oil. I also use SPF15 when I am out in the day so it does not get darker. For the abdomen I literally slather on the skincare oil and I have seen that area not go any darker which is great :) Also helps with stretch marks. Always a good idea to start with the oil to prevent the stretch marks.

  3. Itchiness - Skincare oil, skincare oil, skincare oil!!! This is seriously liquid gold. It is helping me with the itching and everything else as you can tell. I love it! My favorite product by far.

So here you go. Besides a good cleansing regime which is a given, i have incorporated a good moisturising regime. The action of massaging the oils onto your face increases the blood flow to your face giving you this beautiful glow.

Hope this helps.



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  • Yasmin: February 06, 2018

    Hi can u advise me which product will be good for acne scar? Would be glad if u could indicate the price too. Thanks alot :)

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