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Acne scars - what I did

sital gill

Posted on December 12 2016

Acne scars - what I did

So I know we have spoken about acne and scarring before but I felt it was important to talk abit more about it coming into this festive season.

After coming to terms with my acne, I knew something had to change and it did. Besides going on medication ( because there are some skin conditions which need medical attention ), I changed my whole lifestyle. Read about that here. This was amazing because the acne went away but not the scars. Now that was a real bummer. I did not want to be reminded everyday about this.

I did one thing and one thing only - use olive's skincare oil. I used to have severe eczema on my thighs and arms and the skincare oil got rid of the eczema and the scars it left behind so I knew it would get rid of my scarring on my face. AND IT DID!!! In six months it was almost gone and fast forward almost 2 years and I can leave the house without makeup. It also got me a role on TV, 2 magazine spreads and tonnes of self confidence. Amazing what a little natural oil can do for you. The first picture is of me 2 weeks ago without an ounce of makeup and the picture below is before I started shooting for my TV show -

Customers always ask me which product they should try first if they should try only one product and I always say our Skincare Oil is the best. It is liquid gold and has multiple benefits. 

Be confident always. Never let something like this get you down especially if it is fixable. I tried it. It worked. Now you try it and let me know how amazing you feel after.



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